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Are you a nurse, a videomaker, a young doctor, a programmer, a lawyer, or something else?

The Lungo Vaschetto Clinic is always ready to welcome new talents from all over the world.

But what do all these different professional figures have to do with an aesthetic medicine clinic?

We look at the world as a place where we can create and experiment with new projects day after day.

Do you think this way too?

We are people who aim to make people feel good, to do this we must necessarily feel good among ourselves and with ourselves, creating a perfect environment to work together in harmony.

What do we look for in our collaborators?

Who have a desire for results, a desire to improve and overcome a new challenge every day to become the best in their professional field.

People who sincerely have the desire to make other people feel good.

Smiling people who make those around them smile.

Professionals with the desire to demonstrate their skills and grow together.

Our philosophy?

The workplace should be a welcoming place where you feel appreciated. Only by feeling well can we do good for our patients, which is why we start with our collaborators.

In our clinic there is no shortage of challenges, you will be able to try your hand at your work from a completely different point of view.

That said, fill out the form below and write a short presentation, we’ll see you soon.

..and remember..

Numbers are important, but people are more important.

Do you want to work with us?

*ATTENTION we only accept PDF format documents (Max 25MB).

Send us your Curriculum Vitae.