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treatments without surgery?

The fears related to the scalpel are understandable, surgery is not always the right choice.

When you think about recovery times, stitches and the anxiety of having some ugly scars, you can’t help but close the page and forget about it.

No fear!

These concerns can be eliminated thanks to a more modern, more discreet and highly effective approach:


In Laser Surgery treatments you can forget the scalpel once and for all.

In my long experience I have learned that, in most cases, traditional surgery can create conspicuous scars and permanent marks (keloids).

Extraordinary results in cosmetic surgery are obtained with the laser, which traces a real path.

Instead of facing the idea of an invasive procedure, you can now consider an innovative and advanced alternative that radically transforms the perception of beauty and the correction of defects.

You no longer have to put it off until tomorrow out of fear.

Laser surgery is precise, the scar heals almost invisible, the cut is perfect and clean.

Furthermore, the laser immediately cauterizes the skin during removal.

An example that may seem trivial:

Many patients fear the noticeable scarring caused by the removal of moles or cysts.

Thanks to the use of laser, we can achieve surprising results with micro-scars.

These scars are so minimal and small that patients often, over time, no longer even know how to identify them.

Healing times are reduced, the laser is the real revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatological cosmetic surgery.

and droopy eyelids?

They are another common cause for concern.

The idea of a traditional cut-and-sew blepharoplasty, with stitches and bruising, can be scary for some.

However, there is a solution other than the scalpel:


Yes, you read that right. The laser to reduce sagging skin of the eyelids.

It is an innovative technique that does not require cuts, stitches, plasters or bruises that last over time.

It offers a discreet and progressive lifting of the eyelids in just a few sessions, without anyone noticing.

This is why you should rethink the fear of facing your flaws and believe in yourself more.

Thanks to a laser-based approach, you can achieve results that you don’t even imagine in aesthetic medicine, all without having to endure the scalpel or the consequences of traditional surgery.

The precision of laser cutting is superior to that of a blade, ensuring almost invisible scars.

This means you won’t have to worry about noticeable marks after treatment.

In addition to addrssing cosmetic concerns, our approach focus on your long-term peace of mind.

There are no long recoveries, uncomfortable stitches or prolonged healing times.
You will achieve extraordinary results that will be almost invisible to those around you.

The result will be totally natural and NOT NOTICEABLE.

Do you still feel insecure about your flaws?

Remember that there is a more modern and painless way to achieve the beauty you want, without fear of the scalpel, without surgery.

In the Torinese Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Lungo Vaschetto we have chosen an approach:

  • More precise

  • More effective
  • More comfortable
  • More discreet

This approach is called laser surgery.

Beauty without fear is possible, and it is within everyone’s reach.

Don’t give up your beauty just for fear of surgery, because the alternative exists and it’s called LASER BISTURÍN.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to eliminate cysts, millet grains, lipomas, moles and other blemishes, request an appointment in our clinic by calling or sending an email.

we will reply to you as soon as possible even outside working hours. Every request from one of our patients is important to us.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the clinic..

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