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female alopecia

As reported in an ANSA article*, 1 in 4 women suffers from hair loss, and it is estimated that there are 4 million women in Italy who suffer from this pathology.

Statistics show that attention to hair even surpasses that to physical fitness, particularly among girls aged between 15 and 35.

When dealing with hair loss, it is never an easy moment as in women this problem is often associated with a decrease in their sensuality.

But what to do when your hair starts to thin or fall out?

The answer is: don’t give up.

Statistics say that 80% of women can achieve success from adequate and personalized treatment, the secret is precisely an accurate diagnosis.

Home remedies or over-the-counter products can sometimes prove useless and wasteful or, even worse, harmful.

That's right, the lotion recommended by your trusted hairdresser may have made it worse situation.

An honest mistake, but still an error that is sometimes difficult to erase.

Each cause of hair loss requires a specific and personalized approach:

  • seasonal falls;
  • falls in clumps;
  • menopause-related falls;
  • pregnancy-related falls;
  • related to autoimmune diseases;
  • stress-related falls.

The initial diagnosis, investigation and identification of the problem with subsequent personalized therapies are fundamental.

I am Doctor Lungo Vaschetto, Trichologist from Turin, and for a long time I have turned all my attention and studies to female hair loss and female alopecia. The vast majority of my colleagues specialize in generalist and/or male trichology.

And you are a woman. So you need different therapeutic attention.

The diagnosis and subsequent personalized therapy, as already mentioned, are fundamental, therefore the attention of the first visit is one of the most important moments.

(A female trichology examination cannot last 5 minutes..)

Precisely for this reason there is a wide range of therapeutic approaches.

Local therapies, galenical lotions tailor-made for the patient, to specifically address every problem.

Oral therapies ranging from specific supplements to real drugs.

Injectable therapies, such as trichological mesotherapies and intrafolliculotherapy, an innovative subepidermal infiltration technique that reaches the hair bulb with specific substances capable of stimulating the growth phase of the follicle.

There are also other more specific treatments that can be carried out by the doctor only with authorization from the blood bank.

A particular therapy that I have found to be very effective over the years is subinjective endocapillary therapy.

An autologous and completely natural therapy.

If you find yourself facing hair loss problems, don’t despair.

Contact me today to book a specific female trichology visit and stop hair loss.

What are you waiting for? If you find yourself facing hair loss problems, don’t despair.

Request an appointment in our clinic by calling or sending an email.

we will reply to you as soon as possible even outside working hours. Every request from one of our patients is important to us.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the clinic..

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