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How to eliminate wrinkles from your face without surprises?

Do you remember the day you saw your first wrinkle?

From that day on, every morning you wake up and run to the mirror looking for a new wrinkle here and there, perhaps born after a day of too much stress.

Always in a rush every day and you never have a moment to yourself.

The children don’t let you rest for a second, in the office between one meeting and another you don’t even have time for a hot tea.

And the next day? Start all over again.

All this stress is not good for you but above all it is not good for your skin.

Wrinkles can arise due to various factors, sometimes they can be treated easily, other times not.

Like many other things, they just need to be “caught” in time.

The treatment par excellence against facial wrinkles is BOTOX.

A substance capable of smoothing out wrinkles, reducing tired eyes and leaving the face apparently more relaxed.

But how does it work?

In reality, Botox is not a filler like Filler, such as hyaluronic acid, therefore it does not act directly on wrinkles by filling them.

Expression wrinkles are formed following the contraction of the forehead muscles and other muscles on the face.

Botox acts in small doses on those muscles, in this way the muscle is almost blocked and the skin is relaxed.

By decreasing muscle contraction, the furrows that would have formed from the contraction also decrease, consequently the effect on wrinkles is indirect.

I know what you're thinking:

"I knew Botox caused swelling."

Nothing could be more wrong, Botox does not swell but actually smoothes out facial wrinkles giving the appearance of a more relaxed face.

I already know your next doubt:

“Ok, but I don't want to remain paralyzed and expressionless like a doll!”

This is not entirely false, the naturalness of the result depends on the hand of the doctor who carries out the treatment.

The ability to understand the right dosage to use depends on the doctor’s experience, years of training and judgment.


As well as a certain amount of honesty.

Our clinic has made aesthetic medicine and natural female beauty the center of all its work, but above all of all our beautiful patients.


reflects all the typical characteristics of our beloved city:

Sobriety, discretion and absolute beauty.


From today you will be able to forget those annoying wrinkles while maintaining the elegance of your features and your expressiveness.

But I haven’t told you everything.

What types of wrinkles can be treated with botox?

• Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet);

• Glabellar wrinkles (wrinkles between the eyebrows);

• Forehead wrinkles;

• Upper lip wrinkles (barcode);

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and is performed with the doctor.

When will the effect be visible?

From the day of treatment the muscles will be increasingly weaker, this will lead to a gradual disappearance of wrinkles which will occur within 7-10 days after treatment.

How long does the effect last?

The effect of the treatment is temporary and not definitive, it can be repeated every 5/7 months based on the personal characteristics of the patient treated.

To request an appointment in our clinic you can call or send an email.

we will reply to you as soon as possible even outside working hours. Every request from one of our patients is important to us.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the clinic..


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